About my work

Inspired by the Bauhaus tradition, I constantly practice "the art of omission" in my designs. I do not strive for minimalist extremes here, but rather aspire to achieving lines that come together elegantly to form the perfect base for a timeless, attractive and comfortable style. I love the challenge of this, and the qoute from Albert Einstein: "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler" is most apt here.




I only work with very high quality materials, and I particularly like fine linens and silks. But I also make use of modern blend fabrics wirh the best wearability. Especially important to me is the natural, casual elegance of a material, its durably and easy care.



Indivudual Pieces

I work on every piece, and each creation is individually signed by me. It gives me a great deal of pleasure working individually for, and with, my clients. I place a lot of importance on using high quality products that come from the local region and I do not think very much of the cheap mass-produced commodities which are so wasteful of resources. Working in a modest studio is my own personal response to this. Being creative and authentic, and in close contact with my customers - that is my way of working.




10.09.2022 - 11.09.2022
Herrenhof Mußbach


Eliane´s Garden

Fine silk, as gentle as the wind and floral lace, as beautiful as a flower smile.


Vimeo Video

Gleanings from the fashion show in Mannheim